Chicken Soup for the Amplifier Worshipper's Soul

Thanks for visiting our internet home! We're Colors and Static, a four-piece rock band with a taste for soulful grooves and bombastic guitar solos. We just released our first EP, "Melody Monday," which you can download below.

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We love playing shows of all sizes. Actually, "love" isn't the right word. We NEED to play shows. The hunger...we can't fight it. Save us from our ravenous desire to play live music by contacting us for booking inquiries.


Origin Story

Indie Rockie Mountain Refreshment

Writing about your own music is a difficult task, so we asked a friend of ours that works at a record store for help because he seemed qualified and generally trustworthy. He listened to our record and said it sounded like indie rock Deep Purple that was funkier than it had any right to be, which seemed pretty cool to us. And he’s right: we do love a lot of things from records we stole from our dads’ collections: big riffs, catchy hooks, gnarly guitar solos, psychedelic sounds, epic drum fills, bombastic bass lines, and complex jazz-tinged arrangements. But, both members of the rhythm section grew up playing funk and soul music, so we keep things grooving pretty well underneath all that. And, all of us have spent time playing punk or metal music, so we can’t help but bring the ruckus on a regular basis. We’re all pretty obsessive about music, to the point that three of us either studied it or currently teach it (the lone outlier is the bassist, who is completely illiterate). So, we can all work our respective machines pretty well, but we also enjoy raising hell and making musical mischief—you gotta have a balance, ya know? Anyway, Colors and Static sounds like classic rock with a little extra soul-and-funk grease and a little helping of punk rock energy. If you listen in the car, we think it’s the kind of music that will make you pound your steering wheel and do a weird upper body-only dance while singing along a little too loud. We hope you listen and enjoy!



Guitar, Vocals

Level 420 Rifflord and noted dairy enthusiast. He learned about music by sitting under the piano and watching the hammers while his mom, a brilliant pianist, worked her way through crazy-ass classical pieces, then hanging out with dad and learning jazz guitar. He then honed his Thor-worthy chops through years of study with shredlord Matt Mills before heading off to the Shenandoah Music Conservatory, where he did not make the Dean’s List but picked up a few things—singing among them. Though his training allows him melt your entire face off your head with a guitar solo, Cameron’s favorite musical activity is to crank his amp and play power chords while periodically bending over to adjust the knobs on his fuzz pedal, then launch into the riff from Highway to Hell in hopes that the band will join in. We always join in. He sings on a lot of the songs (harmonies and lead), and he also does a  bunch of recording stuff on his weird Nintendo with the apple on it.  When he’s not warping the fabric of space and time with sick delayed-out distorted jazz-rock fusion, he likes to brighten up the days of everyone around him, consume medically inadvisable amounts of milk, and see how fast he can get this electric scooter he just rented to to go.


Keys, Vocals

Actually from Chicago, and his name is kind of a long story. He did live in Memphis for a while, though, and he certainly soaked up the soul that permeates that fine city. His voice is like sweet grits, his bear hugs lower your blood pressure by ten to twenty points, and he once got locked up because he had the same DJ name as another guy in the same city and the other DJ Mike did a crime. Speaking of which, Memphis was a wedding DJ for years, and he has an intimate knowledge of pop music’s nether regions as a result. That powerful carnal knowledge along with experience in singing choirs and some music studies at the University of Memphis, have given Memphis the ability to craft earworm keyboard hooks at will.Fun fact: three years a ago, Memphis was playing guitar in a metalcore band and had never really played keys in a band before.




Roy plays the drums, but it would be more accurate to say that he IS the drums. Some say his father was a Roland TR-808 drum machine, and that his lineage gives him supernatural timekeeping powers AND extraordinary human feel, like Spock but for drums. Others say he grew up playing funk music from an early age and that he soaked it all up until grooving became second nature. Others say that he’s a driven person with incredible passion for drums and music in general, and that he has honed his craft with years and years of meticulous practice. But enough speculating about how he obtained his otherworldly skill. Though Roy is the only drummer in the entire world that matters, he is much more than a skin pounder! He’s a dad, he has a badass lightsaber collection, and he brings joy to everyone he encounters. Certainly, anyone who hears him play drums feels joy, because he is the best drummer on this celestial plane including angels. He’s also quite modest, and he will absolutely hate this bio.



Plays bass, and is good at it. We know very little about Trevor, including his current location. He said he was "going on a fishing trip to Cuba" three weeks ago, and he hasn't come back. If you have any information regarding his whereabouts, please contact the Colors & Static Hotline at 420-666-6969. We have a gig on Saturday, so we really need to find him before then.


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